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Safety Tips for a Successful Loxton Mardi Gras Parade

Thank you for being part of the Loxton Mardi Gras Parade. The safety of the Parade participants and the spectators is of paramount importance.      To assist you to consider safety aspects we have listed the following guidelines.  It is not our intention to impede your participation because much of the following is common sense but we would appreciate your attention to the suggestions below and where applicable, work within the guidelines.

The term ‘Entry’ refers to the item you or your organisation is entering in the Parade including a moving vehicle, a vehicle towing any kind of trailer, a marching band, group of pedestrians or individual participants.

All entrants are to respond to the directions given to them by any of the Parade Marshalls at any time. This includes direction to proceed, slow down or stop.  The Marshalls will be there to assist you prior to the start and during the Parade.

The Loxton Mardi Gras Inc undertakes to provide you with sound guidelines to assist in the safe conduct of the Parade but takes no responsibility if these guidelines are not followed.

Vehicles Pulling Floats or Self-propelled Floats


Safety Considerations

  • In good roadworthy condition (i.e. brakes work, tyres in good condition)

It is a requirement that the vehicles entered in the Parade are

road worthy.  It is particularly important the vehicle’s brakes are in working condition.  With many young children at this event, it may be necessary to brake suddenly if a child runs out in front of a car, or if the vehicle in front of you stops abruptly.

If exhaust fumes are directed at a float participant for an extended period of time, the participant may become ill due to carbon monoxide poisoning (caused by the inhalation of fumes).

  • Check that exhaust pipes don’t discharge directly into or onto any decorations on the float (danger of poisoning float riders)

Driver of vehicle pulling float, or self propelled Float


Safety Considerations

Although the road is closed during the Parade, it is necessary that all drivers meet State Road Law requirements.

  • Has the driver got a current driver’s licence, suitable for the tow vehicle?       

  • Zero blood alcohol and/or illicit drugs is expected.


Basic Float Requirements

Safety Considerations

  • It is preferred there is a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible, designated location on the float or vehicle.         

  • No open flame displays, candles or fireworks on the floats.                                                                                

  • Float decorations should not obstruct the view forwards and down the sides for the driver – if it’s a big float, you may have to consider walkers either side.                  

  • If your float decorations involve working machinery, please ensure it is well separated from any float riders and secured safely.                                                                         

  • All float wiring (i.e. for fairy lights etc.) to be secured and covered.                                                                            

  • If a portable generator is used, it is to be securely mounted and separated from decorative materials and float occupants – and check where its exhaust fumes discharge!                 

  • Float tow connection should be appropriate for the vehicle and the float, with safety chains attached.                     

  • Float decorations must be securely fixed, and not present a risk of flying off the float.

  • The use of an extinguisher may be needed in case of emergency.

  • It is a requirement that no flame displays are used as they can be dangerous and a fire ban season is in place at the time of the Loxton Mardi Gras.

  • It is a requirement that the driver’s vision is not obstructed. It can be dangerous for Parade participants and for people observing the Parade if an accident occurs.

  • It is a requirement that Parade participants are not in a close vicinity to working machinery that may cause harm to a person if they get too close, or get caught in the machinery. It is a requirement that all working machinery is secured safely when it is on a trailer, truck or similar, to ensure the machinery does not fall off the vehicle.

  • It is a requirement that all float wiring is secured and covered to prevent accidental disruption of correct function and make sure all electrical cords and appliances have current safety compliance tags.

  • In the event that a portable generator is used, it is a requirement that it must be mounted securely to prevent it moving or falling off the vehicle/trailer. As a generator also emits carbon monoxide (exhaust fumes), it is necessary to ensure the fumes do not discharge in the near vicinity of Parade participants or observers.

  • It is important to ensure that the connection between a vehicle and trailer is attached properly to ensure it meets SA Road Safety laws and the safety of float participants and observers.

  • It is a requirement that float decorations are affixed to the float. Float decorations that fly off during the Parade can pose a serious risk to float participants and observers.

Float Occupants


Safety Considerations

  • Ensure that participants have access to shade, cool water and sunscreen.

  • The safety of each float participant is paramount, whether they be sitting or standing on a float.

  • Participants should not sit on the edge of the trailer with their legs hanging over the edge.

  • Float participants who ride on float decorations above the level of the float floor (for example, on a cake, or palace representation) should be attached with a safety harness to prevent them falling off the structure

  • Float riders must not throw ANY items into the crowd.

  • Float theme publicity or lollies etc may be handed out by walkers beside the float, who should walk to the crowd, and not let persons in the crowd to come to them

  • As the weather is likely to be hot as the Parade is held in February, it is necessary to be prepared. Shade is available for float participants to stand under before the Parade commences, if required.

  • Every float participant should be able to either sit down on a firmly attached seat, with something to hang onto, or if standing, have something solidly fixed to the float to hold onto.

  • It is a good idea to have rails fixed around the side of the float to give float riders something to lean against, or hold onto.

  • Small children should be seated or securely positioned at all times

  • When on the float, and under direct adult supervision. It is preferred that rails are used for floats with young children, to prevent them falling off.

  • It is not a good idea to allow float participants to sit on the edge of the float with their legs dangling over. Too easy to slip off and under the wheels of the float.

  • The use of a safety harness will prevent the participant(s) from falling in the event the participant loses balance which could be caused by the vehicle stopping suddenly.

  • Children get very excited when lollies are thrown and race to pick them up, therefore it becomes too easy for them to run under a float and be hit by a vehicle. Furthermore it is a health risk (germs, etc.) as the food touches the ground, and could result in contracting an illness.

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