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The Loxton Mardi Gras Committee has recently decided to hold Mardi Gras 2024 at Oval #2. This has been the subject of much recent discussion. Although the Committee would prefer to hold the event in East Terrace, we see the following pros and cons.

Pros to the East Terrace site are the Parade route is well known and in places well shaded, it also provides a Festive atmosphere with options for food available via the Hotel, Bakery, Cafes and takeaway outlets. East Terrace Traders may also gain extra sales from visitors.

Cons to East Terrace are the extensive and costly road closures and heavy-vehicle diversions that are required utilising Police and Council resources. Setting up can only be done Saturday morning. Power access and supply is limited and only available in the Rotunda area. Market stall space is now limited by trees and history signs and there is a lack of easily accessible storage area for Mardi Gras equipment. Limited room for the large display items of our sponsors and emergency service providers. The varying heights of kerbing etc limits easy access for people with limited mobility. Also impacting is the lack of man power to complete the tasks required to stage the event.

Pros to #2 Oval site are the extensive space available for Food and Market stalls and for exhibits by sponsors and Emergency Service Providers. Power supply is plentiful and easily accessible where required. Ample equipment storage is available close at hand and setting up can begin Thursday/Friday. Plenty of convenient parking is available on the oval for those with limited mobility with the level surface complimenting this. Family friendly Carnival atmosphere. A shaded area for schools is available both before and during the parade with ample area also available for floats to park on the oval after the parade allowing people to see the work that has gone into preparing them.

Cons to #2 Oval are the limitations to the Parade route and lack of shade which is then provided by marquees which require erecting. Lack of man power to complete the tasks required to successfully stage the event.

With the planned Council works in East Terrace over the next year or so maybe providing more space and electrical supplies we will revisit this option with the view to possibly returning to East Terrace in the future. This obviously requires many more volunteers on the day than we currently have and out of all those saying it should be in East Terrace only one person has actually volunteered to help.

Feel free to contact our committee if you are able to help in any way, even an hour’s help is invaluable to us as we continue to grow.

Regards Liz

Liz Dymmott OAM

Chairperson Mob: 0418 803 650

Loxton Mardi Gras Ambassadors

2024 Community Ambassadors

Dale Stirling-Loxton Club

Chloe Oldman-Rotary Club of Loxton

Julie Graetz-Loxcare

2024 Senior Ambassadors

Jim West-Loxton Historical Village

2024 Junior Ambassadors

Appreciation Service

CFS Volunteers at the Appreciation Servi

8.30am East Terrace Rotunda

Honouring World War II SA Nursing Sister Patricia Cashmore, 2021 Mardi Gras Flag Bearers Denis & Mary Hann. 

Feedback and comments


Loxton 63rd Mardi Gras 2020 took place Saturday in Loxton with a street parade. Have to hand it to Loxton, when they put on a parade, they PUT ON a parade with it being a real community event. If you have never seen or been to the Loxton Mardi Gras, put it on your calendar for 2021. GS

Thanks for a great market site at the Mardi Gras. Being under the trees and on the lawn was fantastic.

Hope it was a successful day for you, as it was for me.

Cheers and thanks J M

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